Border Patrol Agent Credited With Stopping Texas School Shooter


The newest mass shooting in the United States occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and details are still emerging. The death toll has increased to 19 students and two instructors as of Wednesday morning. The shooter was also killed. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday that the gunman was likely killed by responding cops, and we now know that the final shot was fired by a Border Patrol agent.

Without waiting for assistance, the agent stormed into Robb Elementary School, discovered the shooter hiding behind a barrier, and fatally shot him. When the shooter started firing, the agent was close.

According to an unidentified law enforcement source, the nameless agent was hurt but was able to walk out of the school. According to Border Patrol officials, the agent is a member of BORTAC, the agency’s top tactical division.

Border Patrol agents, according to Marsha Espinosa, assistant secretary of public relations for the Department of Homeland Security, saved lives by diverting the shooter’s focus away from the children.

Agents were dispatched to the school after local law enforcement sought help with an active shooter incident, according to Espinosa. As the police investigation into the horrific tragedy continues, more facts are surfacing. Police verified on Wednesday that all of the fatalities were in the same fourth-grade class.

At 11:30 a.m., the onslaught began. The gunman wrecked his car outside the school on Tuesday, causing a nearby homeowner to contact 911. Two local police officers responded and engaged the gunman in gunfire. Although both cops were shot, their situations were not immediately disclosed.

Uvalde has its own border station and is only 70 miles east of the US-Mexico border. At Robb Elementary, several Border Patrol personnel have children.