Trump’s Landslide Victory Shatters Record

Record SHATTERED - First Time In DECADES!


The Republican presidential primary has commenced, marking its official start. On January 15, Iowa voters participated in the caucuses despite frigid temperatures. Despite initial worries about voter turnout, those concerns were proven unnecessary. Former President Donald Trump set new records during this event.

In the initial primary of the election season, Trump secured 51% of the vote, achieving a substantial 30-point lead over the second-place finisher, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who garnered 21% support. Trump’s triumph showcased remarkable strength, as he accomplished his goal of decisively outperforming other candidates, reinforcing his position as the leader of the GOP.

The ex-President of the United States also achieved a groundbreaking feat that had stood for over three decades. The previous record holder in Iowa’s Republican presidential caucus was the late Senator Bob Dole in 1988, securing 37.4% of the vote and surpassing evangelical Pat Robertson by a 13-point margin. Robertson garnered only 24.6% support. It’s worth noting that despite Dole’s victory in Iowa, he did not go on to become president. The presidency went to George H.W. Bush, who finished third in the Iowa caucus with 18.6% support.

In the days preceding the caucus, the ex-president opted for a cautious approach. As reports surfaced about the winter storm affecting the United States, Trump humorously addressed the situation during an event on January 14.

In a speech delivered in Indianola, Iowa, Trump conveyed to the audience that if they aimed to rescue America from the perceived corruption of Joe Biden, their participation in the caucus was essential. He cautioned against staying home, even for those feeling unwell. In a lighthearted manner, the former president remarked to the crowd that casting their votes was so crucial that, jokingly, it would be worth it even if they voted and then passed away.

Following his defeat in the caucus, technology millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy withdrew from the primary. The 38-year-old promptly threw his support behind Trump for the presidency. He clarified that his choice stemmed from falling short of the surprise victory he had aspired to achieve, ultimately finishing in fourth place. Trump, Haley, and DeSantis are now progressing to New Hampshire, the subsequent destination in the presidential primary.