Lil Nas X Apologizes After Christians Rail Against New Song



A well-known rapper finds himself in a challenging situation following the backlash generated by a controversial music video that has angered Christians. In his latest single, Lil Nas X portrays himself as Jesus, incorporating sexualized elements that have sparked offense among many. While he claims he did not intend to mock Christ, convincing his critics of this may prove to be a formidable task.

On January 12, Lil Nas X, a 24-year-old rapper hailing from Georgia, released his latest single, “J CHRIST.” The accompanying music video portrays the openly gay artist in heaven, dressed in a long white gown with a halo, sporting white fake fingernails, and wearing a choker featuring the letters “SEX.”

In a particular sequence, he is depicted undergoing crucifixion, while in another, he engages in a basketball match with Satan. Additional scenes involve performers mimicking Michael Jackson and the ex-president, Barack Obama.

Predictably, numerous Christians found it unamusing. Lecrae, a fellow rapper, expressed that he was “playing with fire by mocking Jesus.” Criticism extended to other artists such as Dee-1 and Hurricane Chris. Evidently, Lil Nas X became concerned about potential fan loss, prompting him to initiate damage control measures.

On January 15, he shared a video on X (previously known as Twitter) and Instagram. In the video, he clarified that his intention wasn’t to mock Christianity, although his tone lacked a strong sense of apology. He advised his critics to refrain from attempting to control access to Christianity. In response to an accusation of being a Satanist, he expressed frustration, stating, “I cannot win.”

Lil Nas X has a track record of sparking controversy surrounding religion. The music video for his 2021 song “Call Me By Your Name (Montero)” depicted him engaging in a lap dance for Satan. In early January, he shared a fabricated acceptance letter from Liberty University, the Christian college established by Jerry Falwell, on Instagram. His history of trolling Christians may make it challenging for many to view his apology with sincerity.