Trump serves Thanksgiving meal to Texas’ Operation Lone Star Agents

Trump Does The UNTHINKABLE - Border Agents Left STUNNED


In recognition of their devotion before the Thanksgiving holiday, former President Donald J. Trump spent the afternoon of Sunday in Texas feeding Operation Lone Star border agents.

When Trump arrived at the hangar at South Texas International Airport in Edinburg, the Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and US Border Patrol agents met him with overwhelming support. 

In addition to expressing gratitude for their unwavering commitment to the nation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott provided the 45th President with a significant presidential endorsement.

In a video released by his campaign, Trump, the front-runner for president in 2024, is seen interacting with border officials and providing meals. He shook hands and engaged in meaningful conversation with agents who toil day and night to guard the country’s borders in the midst of an ongoing existential crisis brought on by open-border policies advocated by President Biden.

Before Trump left the hangar to address the border problem in a speech delivered in front of a machine gun, US service members flocked to snap his picture, adding credence to his new motto, “Peace through strength.”

Republican Governor Greg Abbott addressed the assembly prior to Trump’s arrival and enthusiastically endorsed him for president in 2024. Abbott applauded Trump’s secure border measures while he was in the White House, saying that they kept all Americans safe, and he criticized President Biden and Vice President Harris for their shortcomings at the border.

Abbott announced, “We need a president who is going to secure the border. We need a president who is going to restore law and order in the United States of America, not letting these criminals run ransack over these stores that you see images of almost nightly. We need a president who is going to restore world peace as opposed to this outbreak of warfare under Joe Biden. We need Donald J. Trump back as our President of the United States of America. I’m here today to officially proclaim my endorsement for Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States of America, again!” 

As he took the stage, Trump thanked Abbott and called the endorsement “a tremendous honor.” He also pledged to rebuild safety and security along the southern border and gave Governor Abbott assurances that, in the event that he were elected president, Abbott wouldn’t have to deal with the shortcomings of the Biden administration. Abbott may instead focus on other pressing issues affecting Texas as opposed to the situation at the southern border.