China Agrees to Clamp Down On Fentanyl Ingredient Producers

China CRACKS DOWN - Major Concession


China recently decided to step up its crackdown on enterprises that produce and export precursor chemicals used in the development of illicit drugs, which is a big step towards reducing their production. This decision, which primarily targets the synthetic opioid fentanyl, is made at a pivotal moment when the number of drug-related deaths is increasing.

The agreement will be completed during the upcoming meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the fringes of the San Francisco meeting on Wednesday is President Joe Biden.

The first report about the possible fentanyl deal came from It is expected that this four-hour meeting between the two presidents will take place before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering.

According to the Financial Times, in addition to drug control, a number of urgent issues will be discussed, such as Beijing’s worries about US export restrictions limiting its military build-up and the continuous tensions with Taiwan.

A startling number of fatalities in the US have been connected to fentanyl, a substance that is reportedly 50 times more deadly than heroin. Therefore, the Biden administration’s agreement to restrict China’s manufacture is a major victory as it works to stop the drug’s uncontrolled proliferation.

According to reports, the United States intends to loosen limits on China’s Forensic Police Institute as payment for China’s promise to reducing fentanyl production. This organization was previously charged with violating human rights by the Biden administration.

Drug overdose deaths remain a frightening threat to our country, as seen by the alarming increase in numbers between 2019 and 2021. An alarming total of nearly 106,000 lives were lost due to drug overdoses in 2021 alone, providing a somber image of the widespread epidemic of substance usage.

Except for methadone, synthetic opioids are largely to blame for these terrible deaths, with fentanyl being the primary contributor.

An alarming total of 70,601 deaths from overdoses of various substances was reported in 2021. The research suggests a concerning increase in the abuse of these powerful drugs.

In addition, there has been an alarming rise in the abuse of stimulants, including cocaine and other psychostimulants that are easy to overuse, like methamphetamine. This is demonstrated by the statistics from 2021 alone, which shows a shocking number of 32,537 overdose deaths linked to these substances.