Top Strategist Resigns From DeSantis-backing Super PAC

Head of DeSantis Super PAC Abruptly RESIGNS!


On Saturday evening, the top strategist of the super PAC backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ run for the presidency resigned. This event serves as yet another signal of difficulties for the Republican candidate, and it comes less than a month before the start of voting, kicking off with Iowa’s caucuses.

The recent departure of Jeff Roe, the chief advisor for Never Back Down, marks the exit of another high-ranking staff member from the organization. Never Back Down has been the primary external group providing support for DeSantis’ candidacy.

He declared his resignation on X, the platform previously recognized as Twitter, mere hours after The Washington Post released an article highlighting internal conflicts and suspicions within Never Back Down, the campaign, and other allies of DeSantis. These issues encompassed allegations of mismanagement and behavioral concerns, including several unauthorized leaks containing inaccurate information.

In recent weeks, significant personnel changes have occurred within Never Back Down, with the departure of two chief executives, the chairman, and the communications director. Simultaneously, DeSantis’ allies in Florida have formed a new super PAC called Fight Right, gaining public endorsement from the DeSantis campaign.

While Super PACs are prohibited from direct coordination with campaigns, individuals familiar with DeSantis’ political network revealed that he and his wife raised apprehensions about Never Back Down’s messaging. 

These concerns emerged as DeSantis’ Iowa poll numbers plateaued. Subsequently, DeSantis’ team communicated these concerns to members of Never Back Down’s board, as disclosed by multiple sources with knowledge of the discussions, who spoke anonymously to share internal deliberations.

Afterwards, certain board members conveyed the preferences of the DeSantis team to the staff of the super PAC, which was tasked with implementing the strategy, according to the sources. The DeSantis campaign has refuted any allegations of misconduct.

Roe, a notable strategist within the Republican Party, previously managed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s successful 2016 presidential campaign, surpassing former President Donald Trump in that year’s Iowa caucuses. He also served as an advisor during Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s victorious campaign. However, his connection with DeSantis before this year was limited, as DeSantis has faced challenges in establishing close ties with political consultants over the years.