GOP Senator Outraged At $2 Billion Abortion Spending

$2 Billion SPENT on THIS? — Senator SHOCKED!


A recently released report from a federal watchdog discloses that organizations providing abortion services obtained close to $2 billion in funding from taxpayers during the period spanning 2019 to 2021.

In response to inquiries from legislators, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) conducted an investigation. The findings underscored Planned Parenthood as the primary recipient, obtaining $1.78 billion during the specified years. The report suggests that Planned Parenthood conducted more than one million abortions within that timeframe.

Senator Marsha Blackburn asserted that Planned Parenthood, having received $90.4 million from the Paycheck Protection Program amid the COVID-19 pandemic, acquired the funds in violation of the program’s intended purpose, which was originally designated to aid struggling small businesses.

Expressing surprise, the Republican senator remarked that Planned Parenthood had unlawfully diverted more than $90 million from the Paycheck Protection Program. This program, intended to bolster small, local businesses, was crucial at a time when such enterprises were grappling with financial challenges amid the pandemic. 

Emphasizing the public’s preference, she stated that taxpayers desire responsible use of their funds in accordance with the nation’s values, rather than supporting the Left’s agenda of on-demand abortion.

Planned Parenthood secured a substantial share of its funding, around $1.53 billion, through reimbursements from CHIP, Medicare, and Medicaid, along with an additional $148.5 million obtained from federal grants.

As per the GAO report, the yearly federal grant funding assigned to IPPF has experienced a more than twofold increase since 2019, suggesting a potential shift in perspective between the Trump and Biden administrations.

According to the GAO report, MSI Reproductive Choices obtained $1.35 million, whereas IPPF received more than $2 million in taxpayer funds.

Moreover, the federal government disbursed a combined sum of $107.74 million to four other regional abortion providers. This report was requested by a coalition of House and Senate Republicans in 2022.

Legislators initiated the request for the report following previous discoveries that disclosed the allocation of almost $2 billion in taxpayer funds to groups involved in abortion services and advocacy. These groups included Planned Parenthood Federation of America, International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Marie Stopes International, during the fiscal years 2016-2018.