Thugs Pummel NYPD Officer Who Asked Them to Stop Smoking at a NYC Subway Station – One Suspect Remains at Large

Police Officer BRUTALLY Beaten - No ARRESTS Made!


Assailants were captured on video assaulting a New York City police officer following a request, made in a courteous manner by the officer and his partner, for them to cease smoking at the Freeman Street subway station. The incident, as per The New York Post, transpired on Monday at 2:30 pm.

The confrontation began when two law enforcement officers asked three individuals to extinguish their cigarettes, as smoking is prohibited in the New York City subways. However, the individuals vehemently declined, responding with anger. According to the NYPD, the situation escalated when the three men assaulted the two officers as they attempted to escort them off the area.

Fortuitously, the police officer subjected to the assault sustained only minor injuries, while his partner also experienced rough treatment during the altercation. Law enforcement successfully apprehended two of the suspects, namely 23-year-old Kaream McClary and 20-year-old Izayiah Jessamy.

The third individual implicated in the assault remains at large. The NYPD has circulated a photograph of the third suspect, seeking assistance from the public in locating and identifying him. McClary and Jessamy face charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing in connection with the egregious attack. 

There is a prevailing sense of skepticism surrounding the extended imprisonment of these individuals, with concerns arising due to the enduring leniency that has historically been observed towards individuals with a proclivity for violence within the confines of the Big Apple. 

This skepticism is rooted in the ongoing debate over the treatment of violent offenders and the perceived inconsistency in the application of stringent measures within the context of New York City’s criminal justice system.