GOP Debate Gets Heated as Candidates Sling Insults

Tempers FLARE - They Sunk to NAME CALLING!


At the latest Republican presidential primary debate, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, referred to conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy as “scum.” Ramaswamy informed Haley she was a hypocrite for condemning his usage of TikTok, claiming her daughter also uses the social networking site, which sparked a heated exchange.

The right-wing business magnate even informed the assembly that Haley shouldn’t make fun of him for using TikTok, as she did at the previous discussion. He went on to say that because her daughter has been using social media for a long time, she should take care of her family if she truly detests using the platform.

In response, Haley angrily demanded that Ramaswamy keep her kid out of your voice. Even when the audience began to jeer him, the conservative businessman persisted and informed the former US ambassador to the UN that she ought to be aware that young Americans are using TikTok.

Ramaswamy asserted that the other Republican contenders were being unrealistic on the TikTok issue during the previous GOP primary debate. Ironically, he stated that he believes the Republican Party should win as many elections as possible and mentioned how useful social media would be in achieving that goal. Additionally, Ramaswamy clarified that reaching out to young voters in America is the best strategy for winning an electoral event.

Apart from the candidates’ positions on foreign policy and abortion, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s remarks about tycoon Warren Buffet sparked controversy during the discussion. The head of the Republican Party stated that Social Security should not be paid to the wealthiest citizens in the nation. Christie asserted that Buffet ought to be embarrassed of himself for taking it in.