Teenager Meets Her End Over Argument About Fast Food

She's GONE - Robbed Of Her Life!


When parents give their children money to spend in a fast food restaurant, they anticipate them to return. However, a girl of sixteen who went to a McDonald’s in the nation’s capital found that not to be the case.

A homicide occurred in the early hours of August 27, and the Metropolitan Police Department released a statement about it. A hospital in the area reportedly called the police about 2 a.m. local time to report that a teenage girl had been there seeking treatment for stab wounds. Despite the greatest efforts of the medical staff, she tragically passed away as a result of her wounds.

According to the investigation conducted by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch, the stabbing occurred outside of a McDonald’s restaurant. Naima Liggon, 16, was confirmed as the victim.

Naima, it seems, was with another female in the fast food joint. After placing their meal order, the pair got into a car together and drove off. They were already in the car when an argument broke out over the condiments. The adolescent then stabbed Naima to death.

The unidentified teenager was taken into custody later that day. She is facing second-degree murder charges. When the police finally apprehended her, they found a knife in her possession.

The suspect claimed she acted in self-defense and presented his case to the court the day following the incident. She said she was defending herself after being knocked to the ground by the victim and another individual.

Shanif Pearl, the principal of Thomas Stone High School, spoke about the victim’s death calling it a “heartbreaking and tragic time” for the community. She was set to go back to school the very next day.

Naima’s family also released a statement about her death, saying she “was a beautiful, smart, funny, and unique young lady,” who was loved by many people. She was in training to be a master barber at the time of her death. The family called her murder “senseless” and grieved for the life she would not have or experience.

The family had advice for other parents: “Love on your kids.”