Mitch Mcconnell Appears To Freeze Again At A Kentucky Event

Mitch McConnell FREEZES Up Again - Press Conference Cut SHORT!


On Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell experienced another moment of pause during an interaction with journalists in Covington, Kentucky. He halted for a duration exceeding 30 seconds when questioned about his potential candidacy for re-election. This incident follows a similar occurrence in July, when McConnell, a Republican representing Kentucky, went silent for 19 seconds during a press briefing on Capitol Hill. He was later guided away from the media, only to return and assure reporters of his well-being before proceeding with the news conference.

Upon the observation that McConnell had once more encountered a moment of stillness on Wednesday, a staff member approached him and inquired, “Did you hear the question, senator?” Despite this prompting, McConnell remained unresponsive.

After re-engaging, McConnell provided a brief response to an inquiry concerning Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a fellow Republican. However, the query had to be repeated by his aide. A subsequent question regarding former President Donald Trump also required repetition, to which McConnell responded by dismissing the topic, as he generally avoids delving into matters connected to Trump.

Following these exchanges, McConnell departed from the scene. Notably, reporters refrained from addressing the episode with McConnell during the interaction.

On Wednesday, McConnell delivered a speech that lasted approximately 20 minutes, preceding the interactive session where he entertained questions from reporters. Following the conclusion of the event, he engaged in telephone conversations with fellow Republicans holding positions in Senate leadership.

According to a spokesperson for Senate Minority Whip John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, Thune had a conversation with McConnell and remarked that “the Leader sounded like his usual self and was in good spirits.” This statement was offered in response to inquiries regarding McConnell’s state.

Steve Daines, the National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman from Montana, had a conversation with McConnell and expressed contentment that the Leader’s demeanor and well-being remain intact. This sentiment was conveyed through a statement by a spokesperson for Daines.

Upon being questioned by NBC News regarding McConnell’s recent moment of pause on Wednesday, President Joe Biden mentioned that he had only recently become aware of the situation. Biden added that he intended to reach out to McConnell later in the afternoon.