Special Council Seeks to Block Evidence In Trump Trial

Evidence BLOCKED? He Wants It BANNED!


Filed on December 27, the legal team under the guidance of Special Counsel Jack Smith lodged a request with a federal judge, aiming to prevent former President Donald Trump from presenting evidence in his criminal trial scheduled for January 6. The plea sought to limit Trump’s discussion of subjects like selective prosecution, Capitol security lapses, and his assertion that the First Amendment protected his actions. 

Molly Gaston, Senior Assistant Special Counsel, emphasized the unsuitability of Trump introducing political criticisms and irrelevant issues into the trial, considering them inappropriate for a jury proceeding.

Gaston emphasized the importance of omitting Trump’s assertions to ensure the jury remains focused on factual evaluation and adheres to the court’s instructions. The legal document aims to limit Trump’s ability to make claims of selective prosecution and present evidence in support of such assertions. Additionally, it seeks to prevent him from implicating Capitol Police and Washington D.C. officials in security lapses during the riot.

Moreover, Smith’s legal team emphasized Trump’s purported aim to undermine the credibility of the investigation by promoting unfounded assertions, including the alleged lack of coordination with the Biden administration. They appealed to the court to restrict Trump from employing expressions like “Injustice Department” or something similar throughout the trial.

The special counsel raised concerns about potential defenses by Trump concerning foreign disinformation and his efforts to attribute the Capitol protection failures on January 6, 2021, to law enforcement or Mayor Muriel Bowser. Smith’s team emphasized Trump’s exclusion of attempts to shift blame or introduce what they considered irrelevant information during the proceedings.

In response, Trump issued a statement where he criticized the prosecution, emphasizing the importance of respecting the recent Supreme Court decision that rejected his case for a hurried trial. He highlighted the perceived bias of the special counsel, making reference to a recent Supreme Court denial related to his claims of immunity.

Trump, in his comments, accused District Court Judge Chutkan of having a fixation on targeting him and interfering in the 2024 Presidential Election, labeling the judge as Biden’s “errand boy.”

The Supreme Court’s decision to not immediately consider Trump’s claims of immunity has implications for the trial’s planned start date of March 4. This might cause the proceedings to be delayed.