76-Year-Old Opens Fire to Defend Wife From Alleged Home Invader

SHOTS FIRED - Violent Invasion SHUT DOWN!


Florida operates under Stand Your Ground laws, indicating that individuals, both residents and visitors, are not compelled to withdraw if faced with a life-threatening situation. A recent incident highlights the consequences of this legal stance when a suspected home invader discovered it firsthand.

On the 27th of December, law enforcement in Pinellas County received a report regarding an individual shouting in the middle of the road in North Redington Beach around 3:30 AM. Upon their arrival, officers discovered 51-year-old Robert Jackson with a gunshot wound on the road. Subsequent investigations revealed that Jackson, who was the person yelling in the road, had allegedly been shot during a reported home invasion.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department released a statement detailing that Jackson was alleged to have unlawfully entered a residence and assaulted 74-year-old Sherry Treadwell. Upon hearing his wife’s scream, 76-year-old John Treadwell rushed to investigate and found the intruder engaged in a struggle with his wife inside their home.

Mr. Treadwell seized his firearm and discharged a shot at the intruder, hitting him in the shoulder. Jackson purportedly fled the targeted residence and attempted to force entry into another house. Having been unsuccessful in this attempt, he fled down the street, where deputies later located him. Emergency responders conveyed him to the hospital, and despite non-life-threatening injuries, he was subsequently taken to Pinellas County Jail after his release from medical care.

Jackson faces charges of attempted residential burglary and burglary with battery, as per authorities. During the confrontation with the suspect, Mrs. Treadwell sustained minor injuries. Thankfully, her husband’s prompt actions prevented her from enduring more severe harm.