Scalise Derides ‘Epic Collapse’ Of Biden Agenda


Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., on Sunday called out an “epic collapse” of President Joe Biden’s agenda on infrastructure and social support issues.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” derided the linking of $1 trillion infrastructure and $3.5 trillion social fix package.

“You saw last week an epic collapse of President Biden’s agenda, but they’re not going to stop there,” he said.

“Halloween …is going to be the next vote on this package, and it should be scary to every family in America because it would raise taxes that every family would pay, not just the rich,” he recounted about the social program bill.

“It would kill millions of jobs. It would make us less competitive. It’d be a gift to countries like China. But they’re tying all of that and holding the infrastructure package hostage to this bill that’s directly linked together.”

According to Scalise, even a $1.5 trillion compromise on the social program “would devastate America’s economy and really be a kick in the gut to middle class families.”

Scalise singled out a proposed tax on natural gas.

“Half of the families in America fuel their homes, if it’s a cold winter or a hot summer, it’s going to cost you,” he predicted.

“That tax will hit the lowest income people the hardest,” he said. “We tried to take it out. They didn’t want to take it out because they want to spend all that money on big government socialism.”

He also condemned COVID vaccination mandates..

“We’ve started to see a resurgence of the delta variant, hospitals that are seeing thousands of their employees leave. Some are firing their employees” because of a vaccination mandate, he said.

“You saw it with police officers. They want to defund the police, but you’re seeing a lot of police departments where they’re putting these mandates in place where the police officers are just quitting the job finish…. This is crazy.”

“We should be encouraging people to get the facts on the vaccination, not to threaten and shame them and kill their careers and livelihoods,” he said.