Biden Makes Idiotic Comments During Bumbling Capitol Hill Visit


Joe Biden, a man who has both good and bad days, appeared in public today. Despite all the chaos at Capitol Hill regarding the far-left reconciliation package, the president made a statement to assist the negotiations. If reports are correct, did the opposite. But that was to be expected. Biden’s abilities as a legislative genius have been mythical since his inception.

Is it really surprising that he didn’t persuade Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema to betray their constituents? This is the kind of commentary that he brought.

Biden is correct in one respect. Republicans would be very grateful if both bills were defeated. They are not content to see Democrats fall apart. He couldn’t leave it at that. He had to invoke January 6th, because the left in this nation literally has no other options. Biden’s statement that “Do what you want or there will violence” is anti-democratic and akin to saying, “Do whatever I want.” Biden is a dictator at heart. He uses lies and veiled threats to get his way. He’s still awake when he needs to, but he isn’t drowsy in the White House basement.

What do you think the people who are suffering from current runaway inflation really care about? January 6th. What do you think people who are saving for retirement don’t care about when they retire? January 6th. January 6th. No one from outside the beltway can stop obsessing about the three-hour ordeal, in which the only person to be intentionally killed was a police officer. There are serious questions regarding what really happened after a judge ordered the release of surveillance footage that prosecutors tried to hide (see The Feds Forced to Release January 6th Surveillance Filmage and Narratives Crumble).

However, Biden’s statements today did not move the needle. Biden seemed to be more concerned with the aspects of reconciliation that are so offensive to moderates who hold all the leverage. Biden is a classic “BSer” and he’s quickly learning that he cannot “C’mon man” his way around this legislative block. Failing to bring up January 6th won’t convince Manchin that he should nuke the state’s economy. And we all know Sinema doesn’t care much about anything.

What we see is the last breath of a party that knows it will be sacked in next year’s elections. This disarray that we see right now wasn’t created overnight. It has been going on for years, all the way back in the Trump years. The situation is boiling over now, and there’s no way to put the water back in. The Democrat coalition has become too broken, and their “leader”, a senile old gentleman who can’t even mumble about January 6th or vaccine mandates, is too weak to be a leader.