Reporter Calls for Violence Against Pro-Lifers


In light of the recent leaked SCOTUS judgment on Roe V Wade, a reporter with the extreme left Rewire News Group is stirring the pot in the most controversial and dangerous way conceivable.

Over the weekend, a reporter for Rewire News Group appeared to applaud news of damage on the offices of a pro-life organization in Wisconsin, calling for more violence against pro-life Americans.

“More of the same.” May these folks never know peace or safety till they rot in the earth,” Caroline Reilly said in a now-deleted tweet Sunday evening in response to a piece on the damage in The New York Times.

Someone threw a Molotov cocktail into Wisconsin Family Action’s Madison office on Sunday morning and spray-painted a message outside that said, “If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you.”

Fortunately, the concoction did not ignite, probably because the perpetrators were too stupid to figure out how to create a Molotov cocktail. Fortunately, ignorance saved lives and private property.

“This feels a little like calling for violence,” Republican strategist Matt Whitlock remarked on Twitter, tagging the Twitter Support staff to inform them of Reilly’s incredible reaction.

Instead of taking responsibility for the hate she was spewing, Reilly believes that just deactivating her account will solve the problem.