Popular Phone App Tiktok is Facing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit


With millions of users, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today.

People are notorious for filming appealing, attention-getting videos, dancing to music, and overall appearing to be having a good time. Unfortunately, TikTok has a sinister side as well.

The site is notable for hosting a variety of challenges in which individuals participate in frequently risky actions for the sake of entertainment, viewing, and other factors.

Some of the challenges have included eating Tide Pods, rushing up to people and smacking them, and even choking themselves until they pass out.

Unfortunately, the latter is known as the “Blackout Challenge,” and it resulted in the death of a ten-year-old girl. According to rumors, the girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against TikTok as a result of this.

Nylah Anderson, a ten-year-old girl, died in December after attempting the Blackout Challenge on Tiktok. According to the parents of the little girl, TikTok gave her with a video that led to her death.

Nylah’s family accuses TikTok of carelessness in the federal case. The family also believes TikTok has abdicated its responsibilities to censor information that is accessible to very young children.

Furthermore, TikTok is accused of failing to follow safety regulations and prioritizing its own financial benefit, therefore misleading the platform’s young and vulnerable users.

TikTok hasn’t shied away from sharing its own version of events with the public in the midst of the federal case.

According to the firm, any post that encourages dangerous behavior violates its community standards. TikTok also maintains that the Blackout Challenge never trended on its platform.

Nonetheless, TikTok has already been chastised for what it purportedly permits on its network.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott condemned TikTok earlier this year for allowing gangs to utilize the platform to track down people smugglers.