Rep. Jordan: Democratic Party in Disarray, Nothing Good in Spending Bill


The Democratic Party is in disarray and hasn’t done one good thing since it took control of the U.S. government nine months ago, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told The Patriot Depot.

”Tell me one thing they’ve done that’s actually been good for the country,” Jordan said on Thursday’s ”American Agenda” in reference to the $3.5 trillion social-spending bill and $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill being pushed by President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers.

”Nancy Pelosi has already misled her own conference. She told the so-called moderates that there was going to be a vote on this $1.2 trillion package on Monday, the 27th. Well, here we are on the 30th, and they still haven’t had that vote,” he said.

”I think we just have to wait and see what they put together, but I do know anything they pass is going to be bad for the country, because that’s all they have done in the nine months since they have had control of the federal government.”

The House on Thursday approved the Senate-passed stopgap funding bill to avert a shutdown by extending government funding through Dec. 3.

Democrats initially attempted to address the government funding issue alongside the debt limit, a strategy that Republicans pushed back on.

Pelosi is still trying to get enough votes on a bipartisan infrastructure bill as some progressive Democrats vowed to vote against it if the larger spending bill is not passed by both chambers.

Jordan said there’s nothing good in either bill.

When asked what he wanted to see come out of the process, Jordan replied: ”Nothing, just what passed today, just fund the government at the existing level. For goodness sake, we’re almost $30 trillion in debt.

”We’ve got a border crisis, crime is surging in every major urban area, murder rates, homicide rates are up 30 percent from what it was just two years ago because of this crazy ‘defund the police’ concept that Democrat mayors have embraced.

“Inflation is up, we’re viewed as weak now by our foreign adversaries in light of the debacle in Afghanistan, so I don’t want any more bad things to happen to the country.”

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