Rep. Jim Banks: Milley Should Have Spent Time on Afghan, China Policies


The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, should have spent his time developing a better exit strategy from Afghanistan and dealing with the threat from China rather than settling scores in Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, Rep. Jim Banks told The Patriot Depot.

Banks, R-Ind., grilled Milley on Wednesday in a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee about the book, “Peril,” in which he listed The Patriot Depot and other conservative outlets as “domestic terrorists.”

Milley denied putting The Patriot Depot on such a list and said he does not believe the conservative outlet or people who read or watch it are terrorists.

Appearing Thursday on “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Banks expressed doubt about those sentiments. Regardless, he said, Milley should have been been doing his job, not talking to Woodward and other authors who Banks said are working on political books.

“It’s that he has scores to settle with the commander in chief, [Donald Trump] by the way, who gave him his job, so he feels like he’s entitled to go and spill his guts to not just to Bob Woodward, but there are several books,” Banks said, “that he went and spoke with.”

Milley, Banks said, should have been using that time “to develop a strategy to safely withdraw America from Afghanistan or to take on the biggest threat that we face, which is China.”

Instead, Milley was talking to “political reporters in Washington, D.C., because he is a politician. He’s a political figure,” Banks said.

Milley was trying to “settle scores” and “cares way too much about his image, so he was carefully crafting and articulating his image to all of these political reporters as well,” he said.

None of it helps make the United States strong, safe and secure, which is the mission of the nation’s top military leader, Banks said.

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