Putin Ally Found Dead in Suspected Poisoning Incident

She's DEAD - Authorities Suspect POISON!


Using poison seems to be a preferred method employed by individuals aiming to silence adversaries in Russia. There have been allegations of the Kremlin resorting to poison to eliminate individuals in foreign countries. The demise of a key ally of President Vladimir Putin, suspected to be a result of poisoning, has sparked inquiries into the circumstances surrounding her death.

Zoya Konovalova’s life came to an end on January 5 in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The 48-year-old woman was found lifeless in her bedroom alongside her ex-husband, 52-year-old Andrey Gubatiyka. It is presumed that they had been deceased for a minimum of 24 hours before their discovery.

Konovalova held the position of editor-in-chief at the Kuban State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. A representative from the Russian Investigative Committee informed the media that both her and her ex-husband showed no apparent signs of physical harm. According to a report from her own network, the initial cause of death was stated to be poisoning, although the specific substance used remains unknown.

Supposedly, a portion of a plastic bag with a powdery substance was discovered in the residence. Nonetheless, individuals familiar with Konovalova strongly asserted that she had no involvement with drugs.

Over the past year, Konovalova had been heading the digital editorial office of her network. She and her ex-husband had an adult son and a teenage daughter, both of whom were unharmed.

The demise of the editor-in-chief occurred just days following the discovery of Alexander Rybin, another Russian journalist, who was found lifeless in the Rostov region, adjacent to Ukraine. His body was found in close proximity to a highway near the city of Shakhty, and the cause of his death is currently undetermined.

Numerous journalists and high-ranking media figures have passed away since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine. It remains uncertain whether the Ukrainian military is implicated in the deaths of Konovalova, Rybin, or any other media personalities. Both Russia and Ukraine have refrained from commenting on the latest fatalities.