Governor Calls Out Blue City Hypocrisy

OUCH! Blue States Hit Where It Hurts!


Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently condemned Democratic officials for their position on welcoming migrants from the southern border. He pointed out what he perceives as inconsistency within sanctuary cities and states, emphasizing their alleged hypocrisy.

In a discussion on America’s Newsroom, Governor Abbott conveyed his dissatisfaction with the Democratic strategy regarding undocumented immigrants. He underscored their inconsistency in initially welcoming migrants and later rejecting them upon arrival. The governor criticized Democratic leaders for their hesitancy in tackling the issues associated with illegal immigration, placing blame on Texas and other border states for handling the matter.

Abbott stated that states and cities under Democratic control assert themselves as sanctuaries but truly endorse illegal immigration only if the border crossers stay within the border states.

Contrarily, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas attributed the surge of migrants in Democratic-led cities to Abbott. He criticized Abbott’s migrant busing policy, deeming it a failure and an unwillingness to collaborate with officials. Abbott’s office reported dispatching around 27,000 migrants to New York City in an effort to alleviate the pressure on border communities. 

In response, Abbott censured New York’s handling of the immigration influx, underscoring the significant difference between the ongoing flow of border crossings in Texas and the weekly or monthly figures in New York.

Abbott directly attributed responsibility for the border crisis to President Biden, pointing to the administration’s reversal of immigration policies from the Trump era. He emphasized the need for substantial immigration reform and voiced optimism that unified Republican efforts in Congress could lead to meaningful legislative adjustments.

Republicans, including Senator John Cornyn and Representative Dan Bishop, backed Abbott, emphasizing the significant strain on Texas caused by the Biden Border Crisis. They condemned Mayorkas for obstructing Abbott’s initiatives in enforcing immigration laws, alluding to discussions about potentially impeaching Mayorkas.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued executive directives to manage the arrival of migrants, stressing the necessity for coordinated support given the significant influx. The increase in migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border, worsened by a backlog of asylum cases, highlighted the flaws in the immigration system.

In essence, Abbott’s criticism of Democratic leadership’s approach to immigration reflects wider apprehensions about the state of border security and immigration policy under the Biden administration.