Pregnant Mother Thwarts Robbery During Family Outing

Pregnant Mother STOPS Robbery Thanks To American Right!


During a distressing incident, a pregnant woman fearlessly protected her family from an alleged robber, causing severe harm to him with gunfire. This courageous mother’s actions took place while the family was on a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, on Memorial Day, celebrating their daughter’s seventh birthday.

The Mississippi family had a delightful day visiting a zoo and waterpark, completely unaware of the horrifying events that would later transpire. While they were loading their car in the River Market parking garage, a man reportedly assaulted the father, resulting in a fractured rib. Undeterred by this, the assailant redirected his attention to the mother, who was seated in the front of the vehicle.

The twenty-five-year-old mother, who was also pregnant with another child, responded swiftly and with decisive accuracy. According to official reports, she retrieved a firearm and fired at the attacker, causing injuries to his head and neck. Upon their arrival at the location, the Little Rock Police Department identified the alleged robber as Markevious King, aged 37. He was promptly taken to a nearby hospital and is currently in critical condition.

After the incident, the mother assured authorities that her actions were in self-defense. The remarkable courage displayed by the expectant mother during this harrowing experience has garnered widespread recognition and admiration.

Residing in close proximity to a city recognized for its elevated crime rates has unintentionally sharpened the family’s ability to react appropriately in violent situations. Despite the alarming nature of the attack, this resilient family remains undeterred from pursuing future journeys and experiences.

Furthermore, the pregnant woman’s reaction underscores the significance of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. It serves as a powerful example of how responsible firearm ownership can serve as a means to protect one’s family against unforeseen dangers.

According to police reports, no charges have been pressed regarding the incident at this time.