Popular Yellowstone Actor Rejects SAG Awards Over Vax Mandate


The real-life cowboy who plays Lloyd in the Paramount+ television series Yellowstone refuses to be immunized against the coronavirus.

He is said to be skipping the SAG Awards due to the event’s vaccination policy.

After the show’s cast was nominated for a Best Ensemble Oscar, the rugged Montana gaucho announced his decision on Instagram, apologizing to fans.

His instagram post states: “I want to apologize to y’all for not being at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I mean no offense to anyone. I’m not vaccinated, and it’s a requirement to be vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated, I will not get vaccinated. I haven’t been vaccinated since I was a little kid. I don’t vaccinate my dogs, I don’t vaccinate my horses. I’ve never had a flu shot. I never will. I believe they compromise your immunities. It’s no offense to anyone. It’s just my beliefs. I just don’t believe in that stuff. Whatever.”

According to SAG’s COVID regulations, all guests must be fully vaccinated and boostered. The ceremony will be broadcast live from Santa Monica, California on February 27.

According to OutKick’s Nick Geddes, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced last week that vaccines will not be required for attendees at the 2022 Oscars.