Dems Are Joining Republicans in Criticizing Biden Admin


Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, joined Republicans in blasting the left for changing the way natural gas projects are regulated. Manchin described the new regulatory procedure as a threat to America at the time.

The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) announced new advice for natural gas projects on Thursday, allowing each project to exhale just a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere.

Such structural changes are occurring after more than 20 years, according to the agency, which is responsible for overseeing interstate transmission of oil, natural gas, and electricity.

Manchin was quick to criticize the most recent modifications to the natural gas regulation process. Manchin described the measures as reckless, noting that the committee is focusing on a political goal rather than the country’s well-being.

While highlighting the importance of the United States’ energy independence, Manchin noted that, given global geopolitical and economic situations, it is critical that the country does not rely on anyone for its energy needs.

According to Manchin, the Biden administration’s new plan will create more hurdles in the energy sector, which is the last thing the country needs right now.