Police Rush to Senators Home for Teen With Self-Inflicted Wounds


Police were called to Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) residence on Tuesday night in response to a complaint of a stabbing or slashing incident.

Houston Police Department (HPD), responded to a report of a 14-year-old with self-inflicted injuries. Authorities were unable to determine whether the adolescent was a member of Cruz’s family, though.

According to Matthew Seedorff, HPD stated there was no evidence of familial violence and no criminal behavior

Sen. Ted Cruz’s office in Texas issued a statement that says, “This is a family matter, and thankfully their daughter is okay. There were no serious injuries. The family requests that the media respect their daughter’s privacy at this time.”

There were no significant injuries when the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Caroline, who was 13 at the time, came out as bisexual in January and expressed her disapproval of a lot of her father’s political views.

Despite the fact that she frequently disagrees with her Republican father’s conservative views, the youngster claimed that others are quick to criticize her based on her political views.

She also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a parent in the media and criticized their media team for cropping her shirt’s length on the family Christmas card.

People began following Caroline after learning that she was the oldest daughter of the Texas senator, whose TikTok account @ caro iguess_ has now been made private.