Police AMBUSHED – Gunman Opens Fire!


Last month, an armed fugitive assaulted three Oklahoma police officers from an unanticipated hiding place, and they barely made it out alive. The officers were looking for a man who had an active felony warrant against him. He started firing when they located him.

On November 15, at approximately 10:25 p.m., Oklahoma City Police Department received a report of Timothy “Sammy” Johnson’s whereabouts. Johnson was wanted for an out-of-state offence.

The informant saw the guy entering a trailer on Iron Road, and the witness thought he was still inside, according to the report. Three cops arrived at the trailer and spoke with the resident, Jennifer Garner.

The team entered the trailer and started a sweep after Garner informed them that no one else was present and granted them permission to search it.

They initially didn’t find any signs of Johnson, but one of them eventually discovered a bed with a storage space underneath. The suspect was visible when the mattress was lifted, holding a gun. Johnson started fire on the officers as soon as they took away his cover. Another round of gunfire was exchanged as the police retreated from the trailer. One officer was hit in the face by debris from a bullet, and the suspect was found dead inside the trailer when the OKCPD tactical squad arrived on the scene.

Garner was detained by police for keeping a wanted person. She lied to the police, endangering their safety, while knowing Johnson was in the trailer and armed. Fortunately, nobody suffered a significant injury.