Police Bust Homeless Man With Machete, Knife Outside US Capitol

ARMED Man Arrested - Capitol Police FORCED to Act!


The US Capitol Police apprehended a 23-year-old individual experiencing homelessness on Tuesday, following the discovery of a knife, a brick, and a machete in his possession outside the headquarters of the nation’s legislative branch.

Jose Leonardo Marquez faces charges of carrying a dangerous weapon and possessing a prohibited weapon, as stated in a Capitol Police release on Wednesday.

Authorities clarified that there is no evidence suggesting that Marquez intended to target members of Congress, who are currently on their year-end holiday break. Additionally, it remains unclear as to the purpose of his presence in the nation’s capital.

Investigators reported that Marquez was observed pacing back and forth before eventually sitting on a ledge at the east side of the Capitol, close to a vehicle barricade, around 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

A Capitol Police officer became attentive to Marquez’s actions and engaged in a brief conversation with him. During this interaction, the officer noticed a brick in Marquez’s pocket. Following instructions to discard the brick, Marquez complied, but then proceeded to reveal a knife, placing it on the ledge. In response, the officer called for backup.

Subsequently, investigators reported that the officer identified a machete handle concealed under Marquez’s clothing. The officer instructed Marquez to raise his hand, facilitating other officers to disarm him and carry out the arrest.

This incident represents the second occasion in as many months where an individual has been apprehended while in possession of a dangerous weapon in close proximity to the Capitol.

Just last month, on November 7, Ahmir Merrell from Georgia was arrested for carrying a firearm outside Senate office buildings.

Looking ahead, the House of Representatives is scheduled to reconvene on January 9, 2024, while the Senate is slated to conduct votes on January 8, 2024.