Beyonce’s Childhood Home Burns Down

TRAGIC - Celebrity Receives Heartbreaking News


The first Houston, Texas, home that music star Beyonce lived in as a youngster burned down early Christmas morning, setting the alarm bells ringing. The second level was engulfed in flames when firefighters reached the location. The source of the early morning fire that destroyed part of the house is still a mystery to investigators, although firefighters reported no injuries.

According to the New York Post, firefighters were only able to arrive at the engulfed house three minutes after the panicked call came in at about 2:07 a.m., but by the time they arrived, flames were already exploding from the second story. The fire swiftly got out of hand, so they had to put in a lot of effort to put it out. In less than ten minutes, firefighters contained the fire, but they had to remove a section of the roof in order to put out the blaze in the attic.

In 1981, the year Beyonce was born, her parents reportedly paid $64,000 for the house, according to TMZ. An additional floor may be reached via the spiral staircase in this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home. Up until they sold it in 1986, the family lived there. Although the famous artist hasn’t lived there for decades, the building is nevertheless seen as a landmark by locals and admirers. After her family left, it went through a number of owners. In 2019, the property was most recently listed for sale.

Even though they were all inside the house when the fire started, the present occupants escaped unharmed before firefighters arrived. Clad in their beautiful Christmas jammies, the family—which supposedly includes two young children—waited outside for assistance. As they witnessed firefighters battling the devastating fire, they remained frozen in shock.

The R&B group Destiny’s Child was where Beyonce got her start in the music industry. She broke records with her 32 Grammy Awards, a testament to her tremendous solo career.