Pelosi Thrown Under the Bus Over J6

Accusations ROCK Nancy Pelosi - What's the Truth?


Former President Donald Trump asserted on September 17 that the events of the Capitol riots on January 6, 2020, could be attributed to former House Speaker and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump placed responsibility on Pelosi, citing her role in overseeing security and her decision to reject the deployment of 10,000 soldiers. He contended that had she not made this choice, the unfortunate events might have been averted.

During his appearance on NBC, marking his first interview with a major network since leaving office, Trump declined to respond to a question regarding whether he had contacted law enforcement or the military on the day in question. Instead, he emphasized his own conduct, stating to host Kristen Welker that he had acted appropriately and effectively. Trump went on to assert that Capitol police had testified against Pelosi, alleging that they had deliberately destroyed any potential evidence that could implicate her.

In response to inquiries about his own responsibility as commander-in-chief, Trump contended that Nancy Pelosi held the highest authority over the Capitol at that time. He informed the NBC host that he had requested the deployment of the National Guard three days prior but claimed that she had rejected his plea.

Welker further questioned the presidential candidate by asserting that Pelosi had consistently denied such a request was ever made. In response, Trump cited a letter from the mayor of Washington, DC, which his administration had received, officially declining the request. He asserted that his team possessed this letter as evidence and contended that Pelosi held significant responsibility for the events of that day.

Trump expressed his dismay that the January 6 Committee had not yet interviewed the former House Speaker, deeming it a disgrace. Subsequent to this interview, a representative of Pelosi informed Fox News that the Republican leader’s accusations against her were fabricated.