GOP Slams Biden, U.N. For Inviting ‘Butcher of Tehran’ to America

Biden REJECTS GOP Request - They're ANGRY!


Sayyid Ebrahim Raisolsadati, sometimes referred to as Ebrahim Raisi, was chosen by the Iranian people to be their president in 2021. Since then, the nation in the Middle East has been dominated by the religious hardliner with an iron fist. According to experts, the election was rigged to install him as the nation’s leader.

In order to give a speech at the UN, Raisi left for the US on September 18. His visit to America infuriated Republicans and others.

Butcher of Tehran

Raisi is more than just a divisive personality due to his strict religious beliefs. He was dubbed the “Butcher of Tehran” because of his involvement in the prisoner executions that took place in 1988. The country’s battle with Iraq came to a conclusion with the executions. Following Saddam Hussein’s abortive attack during the period of the cease-fire, the Iranian government retried terrorists, political prisoners, and other individuals. “Death commissions” was the term given to the trials.

Some estimate that as many as 30,000 people may have been taken to their deaths, however the figure was only about 5,000.

Raisi was a member of a panel that rendered death sentences. In addition, he’s been charged with financing assaults against US troops and their allies. Hundreds of Iranian individuals who participated in protests in the nation were killed by the Iranian government last year.

Opposition to UN Visit

September 19 was Raisi’s speech to the UN General Assembly. He charged that the US was stoking the conflict in Ukraine. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) co-sponsored a bill to bar him from traveling to the United States before he ever arrived in New York City.

Rubio said that the president of Iran wanted to kill Americans and supported terrorism. By outlawing Raisi, he claimed his bill would “accomplish what [President Joe Biden’s] Administration appears unwilling to do.”

The president received a letter regarding Raisi’s visit to the US on the Friday prior to the event from Republican Senators Ted Budd (NC), Chuck Grassley (IA), Katie Boyd Britt (AL), and Tom Cotton (AR). Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, according to the legislators. They denounced the regime’s “involvement in terrorism and its threats” to former officials and US national security. Furthermore, Israel and other allies of the United States are threatened by the nation.

The senators wanted Biden to reject Raisi’s US visa, much as former President Ronald Reagan had done when Yassir Arafat of Palestine attempted to enter the country in 1988. In addition, they denounced the president for permitting the return of five American prisoners, involving the release of around $6 billion in blocked Iranian funds.

Congressmen urged Biden to intervene, but he disregarded them and let the Iranian butcher travel to the US to attend the UN conference.