Parental Rights Group Compared To Taliban By Democratic Lawmaker

Parents Get NEW LABEL By Dem Lawmakers!


Moms for Liberty is now one of the most powerful grassroots organizations fighting for the rights of parents in the United States. Civil rights organizations and the political left have also spoken out against it. Recently, a politician from New Hampshire drew parallels between the group and Islamic militants.

Catherine Sofikitis (D) of New York State answered to a Twitter user’s question regarding their opinion of Moms for Liberty on July 9. These people, she said, were “a**holes with casseroles, [the] taliban in minivan.” She upped the ante by re-posting a video in which a left-winger slammed Moms for Liberty as a “fascist” group.

A flood of comments followed, many of which poked fun at Sofikitis’s physical appearance. A few days later, the legislator responded with another prom photo of her and her date, claiming that it proved she wasn’t “too fat and ugly to have gotten a date” to the dance.

The anonymous politician isn’t the only one criticizing Moms for Liberty. Furthermore, the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the organization as a hate group. The think tank objects to the parental rights group’s efforts to discourage diversity in the classroom by, for example, banning books that feature LGBTQ+ characters or advocating for a more conservative curriculum in schools across the country.

The group states that it is fighting “woke indoctrination” in academic institutions.

Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, was contacted by the New Hampshire Journal to discuss the lawmaker’s comments. Descovich countered that the group’s members are “joyful warriors” who are fighting for a better “failing education system across America.” She then hoped that “parents to ensure a brighter future for all children instead of demonizing” them would be willing to work with all officials.