Leftists Furious at In-N-Out After Company Reveals New Policy – Demand Boycott

Leftists FURIOUS After Company Reveals New Policy - Demands Boycott!


After conservatives successfully boycotted Bud Light over the company’s overt political purpose, it appears that the left has found its own boycott target in the form of In-N-Out Burger.

The fast food chain has angered those on the political left by informing workers they can remove their masks from the workplace now that the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Why wouldn’t the world’s largest burger chain do that? There are no reliable research showing that virus transmission can be avoided using masking. The use of masks is futile.

Dr. Lucky Tran, a prominent left-wing figure, was so outraged that he started a big Twitter thread in which he railed against the burger chain and encouraged his followers to attack the corporation via tweets and remarks posted on the company’s websites.

The recent ruling by a California court that workers who contract COVID-19 on the job cannot sue their employers has upset mask zealot Tran, who calls himself “a global scientist.”

Tran then noted noted that “This week, In-N-Out banned their employees from wearing masks.”

“This is horrible,” he whined.

After that, Tran published the In-N-Out policy statement:

The doctor has started directing patients to the public comments page of the burger chain.