Panicking Democrats Warn Joe Manchin Against Running for President

Desperate WARNING - They're Starting to PANIC!


Democratic senators are expressing concerns about Senator Joe Manchin’s potential presidential candidacy following his recent announcement of retiring from the Senate. There is apprehension that this move might adversely impact President Biden’s prospects in the upcoming election, potentially providing an opportunity for Donald Trump to pursue another term in the White House.

Initially, Democratic legislators weren’t overly concerned about the prospect of Manchin running for president when they thought he might pursue another Senate term. However, with Biden’s declining poll numbers against Trump and Manchin’s choice to retire, they are now uneasy about the situation.

Senator Debbie Stabenow believes that a potential presidential run by Senator Joe Manchin would be unfortunate. She emphasized his backing of President Biden and his substantial contributions to Senate accomplishments. Stabenow is concerned that Manchin’s entry into the race could create an opportunity for Trump’s return, a scenario she believes Manchin would prefer to avoid.

Nevertheless, Manchin has not eliminated the possibility of a presidential candidacy on an independent ticket. He brushed aside worries from fellow Democrats regarding the potential impact on Biden’s reelection, referencing historical precedents where similar situations did not result in the expected conclusion.

While Manchin underscores the importance of rallying the moderate voter base, Democratic colleagues are uneasy about the prospect of his challenging Biden, despite the widespread belief that he has a limited chance of securing the presidency.

Senator Richard Blumenthal conveyed profound disappointment regarding Manchin’s consideration of a presidential run, underscoring Manchin’s Democratic principles. He accentuated the potential repercussions, cautioning against the dire consequences of a second Trump term and its impact on American democracy.

Manchin’s growing dissatisfaction with Biden has become more apparent, evident in his pointed criticisms and a notable absence of endorsement for a second term. His hesitance to pledge support for Biden underscores the existing tension between the two.

Some analysts speculate that in a three-way competition, Manchin might influence the 2024 election by potentially attracting votes away from Trump. Nonetheless, they acknowledge the unpredictability of the result, considering the considerable lack of popularity for both Biden and Trump across different demographics.

Despite these conjectures, specialists question Manchin’s potential to secure a single electoral vote based on his state background and foresee robust opposition if he gains momentum in the race. While Manchin could influence the dynamics of the race, the likelihood of him achieving victory appears slim.