Clean Sweep: GOP Secures All Elected Offices in Entire State

Clean SWEEP - GOP Racks Up MAJOR Wins!


The Republican Party achieved a comprehensive victory in Louisiana, capturing all statewide elected positions in a series of successes in the recent elections for attorney general, treasurer, and secretary of state.

The Republican nominees secured all three positions with more than 65% of the votes, marking a historic moment in Louisiana’s recent past as the GOP takes charge of every statewide elected position for the first time.

Notably, Nancy Landry is poised to take on the role of secretary of state, making history as the first woman elected to this position. Liz Murrill is on track to become the state’s first female attorney general, while John Fleming has secured the treasurer’s position.

Louisiana’s current governor, Democrat John Bel Edwards, encountered term limits, paving the way for Jeff Landry, the Republican state attorney general endorsed by former President Donald Trump, to assume the position.

Despite having the same last name, Nancy Landry is not related to the governor-elect, as indicated by the Louisiana Illuminator, a local news outlet.

After these triumphs, the Republican Party now holds sway over all elected statewide offices in Louisiana for the first time since 2015, solidifying a two-thirds supermajority in both the House and Senate.

This conclusive victory transforms the executive branch of the state, with new individuals assuming crucial positions as several incumbents opted not to pursue reelection.

In Saturday’s election, former President Trump supported the Republican candidates in all three statewide races. Despite a low voter turnout, there was a notable Republican triumph.

Securing victory in the attorney general race against Lindsey Cheek, Liz Murrill aligns herself with Jeff Landry’s conservative stance. This involves advocating against President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate and endorsing the state’s abortion ban.

In her victory speech, Murrill conveyed gratitude and determination, vowing to champion the well-being, future, and freedom of the state’s families.

Securing victory in the secretary of state race against Gwen Collins-Greenup, Nancy Landry is now positioned to tackle Louisiana’s outdated voting machines. Her focus is on replacing them with systems that generate crucial paper ballots, ensuring accurate election results.

Landry’s historic election as Louisiana’s first female secretary of state marks a significant moment as she takes on the important responsibility of modernizing election systems. This commitment gains heightened importance in the face of ongoing controversies surrounding election integrity.