Oregon Rep. Bids Farewell, Will Not Run Again

GOP Rep. Says GOODBYE - He's Calling It Quits!


A veteran Democratic legislator has chosen to retire from political office. Earl Blumenauer, a representative from Oregon, has held a seat in the House of Representatives since 1996. He recently announced his challenging decision to abstain from seeking re-election. With a long and distinguished career in politics, Blumenauer has championed numerous progressive initiatives.

Earl Francis Blumenauer, a 75-year-old Portland, Oregon native, has dedicated his entire adult life to the realm of politics in his hometown. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies in political science at Lewis & Clark College in 1970, he pursued a law degree from the same institution. 

Even during this academic journey, he was actively engaged in political organizing and spearheaded Oregon’s effort to lower the voting age, contributing to the movement that culminated in the ratification of the 26th Amendment in 1971. Remarkably, in 1972, while still a law student, he secured a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives.

He served a six-year tenure in that role before transitioning to the realm of local politics. Following seven more years as the Multnomah County Commissioner, he successfully secured a position on the Portland City Council in May 1986 and remained in that capacity for a decade. His political journey faced a minor setback in 1992 when he ran for the position of mayor but narrowly missed victory, marking one of only two electoral defeats in his illustrious career.

In 1996, Blumenauer achieved victory in a special election, earning a seat in the United States House of Representatives. Subsequently, he secured re-election on 11 occasions, consistently garnering no less than 66% of the vote. Rapidly gaining recognition for his distinctive bow tie and bicycle pins, he emerged as a fervent advocate for cycling and public transportation. 

Blumenauer’s congressional career was marked by his active participation in numerous caucuses, spanning from the House Human Rights Commission to the Small Brewers Caucus. Furthermore, he holds a significant role as a member of the influential House Ways and Means Committee.

Blumenauer disclosed his forthcoming retirement through a press release issued on October 30. In his statement, he expressed his dedication to fostering a more civil and effective Congress and affirmed his sense of pride in the strides we have accomplished.