Democratic Lawmakers Exchange Vicious Jabs

Dem Reps SQUARE OFF - Brutal Insults Fly!


On October 30, Indiana Democratic Representative Andre Carson referred to his fellow Democratic Representative Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey as a “gangster” and a “coward.” Carson’s comments were prompted by Gottheimer’s criticism of congressional members who voted against a resolution in support of Israel and the condemnation of the Palestinian group Hamas.

The Indiana leader was among 16 congressmen who either voted present or no on the resolution following the Hamas terrorist attacks against the Jewish state on October 7. The New Jersey representative expressed disappointment that some Democrats refused to condemn the atrocities committed by Hamas. On his Twitter account, Gottheimer pointed out that those who voted against the resolution were disgraceful politicians who did not represent the values of the Democratic Party.

Carson addressed these statements in an interview on CNN’s “Inside Politics” when host Manu Raju inquired about his opinion on Gottheimer’s comments. Carson conveyed to Raju that Gottheimer’s actions appeared timid, and he suggested that Gottheimer can become quite passionate about specific issues. When pressed for clarification, Carson explained that the New Jersey legislator was putting on a show and pointed out that Gottheimer tends to become anxious when faced with confrontation.

The Indiana representative further expressed to Raju that he is indifferent to Gottheimer’s words, as he is untroubled by someone he considers to be a weak and fearful individual. Carson even suggested that rather than trying to appear tough, he and the New Jersey representative could resolve their differences in a civil manner or engage in another form of discourse.

Gottheimer, in a statement to the liberal network, responded to Carson’s comments by expressing his willingness to engage in a conversation with him about securing the release of Hamas’ hostages, including all U.S. citizens. He also emphasized that both of them should come together to discuss strategies for combating Hamas and other terrorist organizations with intentions to harm the United States.