New York Leaders Butt Heads Over Drug Crime

NYC Mayor BEGS Governor For HELP!


Crime has long been a problem in New York City. In actuality, these conflicts existed before Mayor Eric Adams was elected. When the Democratic mayor was elected, he promised to use his experience as a police officer to drive crime out of the city.

Of course, it hasn’t occurred yet. The rate of crime has kept getting out of hand. In reality, popular films from New York City depict random attacks on individuals. Thereafter, allegations of attacks on subways by homeless people and other people surface.

Yet one major issue with criminality in New York City is the presence of stores that sell marijuana illegally. Mayor Adams is now asking New York Governor Kathy Hochul for help because things have gotten so out of hand.

At present, law enforcement in New York almost has no choice except to tolerate the illicit sale of marijuana. Now, the police are only able to impose very small penalties of $250.

Adams feels that the existing laws need to be improved. The mayor has also asserted that drug dealers operating illegally are now specifically targeting children. Adams also made a point of stating that what is now taking place is “mocking” New York during a news conference last week.

The governor should thus sanction harsher penalties and more aggressive law enforcement, according to the mayor of New York City.

Governor Hochul has not yet made any declarations in the media on the mayor of New York City’s request.

Despite Adams’ objections, Hochul has a poor track record of combating crime.

He shouldn’t have high hopes that the governor of New York would pressure the state legislature to enact legislation that outlaw marijuana use in the neighborhood.

All things aside, it is highly likely that crime in New York will continue, whether it involves the illegal selling of marijuana or something else completely.