Christian School in Missouri Goes Bankrupt After Embracing the Radical-Left LGBTQ Agenda

Go Woke Go Broke - Christian School BANKRUPTED After Left Agenda


A Christian school determined that simply proclaiming the Gospel was insufficient and launched an endeavor to please radical-left LGBTQ activists. They paid a high financial cost for this decision.

Urban Christian Academy is a private, K-8 school in Kansas City that offers tuition-free education to low-income pupils.

In accordance with Jesus Christ’s teachings, the school had always advocated inclusivity. The first portion of their mission statement accurately states that Jesus welcomes all.

But they decided to wake up last year. Administrators at the school inserted text indicating how they were a “inclusive school” and how they “stand with LGBTQIA+ and believe in their holiness.”

The decision-makers thought this would not be a problem.

Some churches withdrew their support immediately after the new language was established, cutting off 80% of the school’s revenue.

“We lost our network” of donors, Callaway-George told ABC News. “In December of 2021, right before we publicly supported the LGBTQ community, we raised $333,985. One year later, after we had posted on our website and made a stance, [in] December of 2022 we raised $14,809.”

Although the explicit embrace of the LGBTQ community has now resulted in the school having to close in May, Callaway-George still argues it was the right thing to do and has no regrets.

They are no longer in service.