New Lawsuit Alleges Church of Scientology is a Criminal Enterprise

INCOMING - Lawsuit Drops BOMBSHELL Accusations!


The Church of Scientology is confronted with a fresh legal challenge as several women allege that they were victims of assault by actor Danny Masterson, a well-known member of the controversial religious group. The legal action extends beyond Masterson, targeting the entire organization. The plaintiffs claim that the church functions as a criminal enterprise warranting a RICO investigation.

On the 31st of May in the preceding year, Masterson, renowned for his role in “That 70s Show,” was found guilty on two of three charges of forcible rape, leading to a sentence of 30 years to life imprisonment. Subsequently, additional women have stepped forward with accusations against the actor, amplifying scrutiny on his affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

In June of the previous year, a judge in Los Angeles penalized Masterson’s defense lawyers for disclosing confidential evidence to attorneys representing Scientology in a civil case. This evidence, which included the home addresses of Masterson’s victims, put them at risk of potential intimidation by Scientology. The organization has a troubling history of harassing individuals who criticize it or make accusations against its senior members.

The latest legal action involves six women, all claiming to have been victims of abuse by Masterson between 1994 and 1996. In this lawsuit, they identify the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, as the defendants.

According to the submission, the lawsuit alleges that Scientology, despite projecting an outwardly respectable image, actively discourages its members from reporting crimes to law enforcement. If any members defy this policy, the organization is accused of intimidating victims and witnesses of its crimes to ensure the secrecy of Scientology’s illicit activities.

For over six decades, Scientology has faced persistent allegations of harassing its critics, with claims suggesting that founder L. Ron Hubbard issued directives for members to eliminate opponents. The recent lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles District Court on December 27, designates Miscavige as the unquestioned leader of this alleged criminal enterprise. 

It accuses Scientology of concealing Masterson’s actions despite being aware of his status as a rapist. The lawsuit further advocates for RICO charges against the organization, a level of scrutiny that could pose a significant challenge to the survival of the religion.