Mayor Adams Takes a Page From Gov. Abbott’s Playbook

Blue Mayor CALLED OUT - Blatant Hypocrisy!


Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has been transporting immigrants out of Texas for over a year. One of the locations where these migrants are being sent is New York City. Presently, the Democratic mayor of New York City is facing allegations of emulating the approach adopted by the Republican governor.

During an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on January 3, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, addressed the immigration crisis. Blitzer highlighted Governor Abbott’s accusation of hypocrisy, claiming that the mayor buses individuals out of the city. In response, Adams categorically denied the allegation, stating that it is entirely incorrect.

As per Mayor Adams, authorities inquire about migrants’ preferred destinations or where they have family ties. If migrants express a desire to go outside of New York City, officials arrange for them to reach their intended final location. Adams clarified that Governor Abbott brought in numerous migrants to the city who wished to go elsewhere but were left with no alternative but to end up in NYC.

Mayor Adams’ assertion that migrants had no alternative but to come to NYC is not entirely accurate. In Texas, none of the immigrants are compelled to board buses; they all must grant Governor Abbott permission to transport them to other states. It’s crucial to note that the busing program operates entirely on a voluntary basis.

The mayor conceded that handling the migrant crisis shouldn’t fall solely on the shoulders of mayors, whether in New York or Texas. He emphasized that it is a challenge the federal government should actively address. On this matter, both he and Governor Abbott share a common perspective.