Media Finally Nails Biden Admin on False CBP Story


Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, appeared on Sunday to try and smoothen a difficult week for the Biden Administration when it comes down to the border.

Mayorkas was trying to deal with a lot of fall-out. Biden Administration was finally criticized for having illegal aliens gather under a bridge in Del Rio (Texas) immediately after crossing the border. They also received more criticism because of the false claim that the Border Patrol beat migrants who tried to enter the country on horseback. The Biden Administration accepted the false story and did not deny it. This was despite the fact that it distract from the real problem, which was the large influx of people.

Mayorkas finally received a long-overdue and obvious question from the media. Fox’s Chris Wallace asked Mayorkas why they didn’t build a wall to prevent people from crossing the street, like in Del Rio. Wallace saw the photos and realized how useful the wall could be.

“It is the policy of this administration: we do not agree with the building of the wall,” Mayorkas stated. “The law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief. That is actually one of our proudest traditions.”

Apparently entering illegally is a “proud tradition” to the Biden administration.

They didn’t stop illegal aliens from coming in, they just allowed them to continue their journey. Mayorkas then spoke of the “law”. Mayorkas admitted that while some were deported they all seem to have been allowed into the country.

Taken From Fox News:

Approximately, I think it’s about ten thousand or so, twelve thousand,” Mayorkas told “Fox News Sunday” when asked how many have already been released. He then acknowledged that this number could very well go up as the 5,000 other cases are processed.

“It could be even higher. The number that are returned could be even higher. What we do is we follow the law as Congress has passed it,” Mayorkas said.

Chris Wallace noted that 44% of asylum seekers don’t turn up if they are given notices to appear for their claims. This means that about half of those released don’t show up again after being released.

Mayorkas also stated that illegal aliens weren’t required to be tested for or asked about their vaccination status.

Mayorkas was also interviewed by Jake Tapper on CNN. Jake Tapper then attacked the Biden Administration on 2 counts. He first asked Tapper how Joe Biden’s comments about Mayorkas and the CBP handling of illegal aliens at the border prejudiced his investigation. How can an independent investigation be possible when Biden already says that agents will have to “pay”?

Tapper pointed out, then, that some claims made about the story were false.

Tapper does not say exactly what was false. However, Tapper stated that the obvious part about the whips or whipping people never happened, and in response, Tapper suggested that Mayorkas could share those words with Biden. That was a great shot, and well-deserved.

Biden is all about what will help him and his narrative. He doesn’t care about who he puts under the bus, whether it be the Border Patrol or the Americans and SIVs still in Afghanistan.