Biden Lies His Head off When Challenged by Reporter on His Policies


Joe Biden’s staff does not like him taking questions. They don’t know when he will make a mistake. Biden’s other problem is his tendency to lie when he’s being challenged.

We reported that Biden spoke Friday on several subjects, including Afghanistan and COVID booster shot. He claimed that he was not sorry for the mess he created by implementing the Afghanistan withdrawal. He displayed no shame.

After he had finished his remarks, he took the time to actually answer some questions. This is where he ran into trouble once again.

One reporter asked Biden a great question that put him on the spot. “You came into office on a message of competence and unity,” the reporter asked. “We’ve witnessed what’s happened in the country over the past several months. We’ve seen the chaotic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. The threat of a government shut down right now. And Democrats, members of your own party, are still divided over your agenda going forward. So, what do you say to Americans who say that you have not delivered on that promise?”

Biden stated that it would take him one year to fulfill all his promises. He’ll take a year to become competent and a unifier. Why would that take a year? The problem is he isn’t now and he won’t be in the future.

He isn’t answering the question being asked, he’s answering an imaginary question he created in his head. “Um, uh. Look at the situation and whereabouts when I took office. We had 4,000,000 people vaccinated. There was no plan. I could go on and on.

He is actually complaining and trying to attribute his failures to President Donald Trump with a straight-up lie.

What he inherited was a country in good position because of the competence and efforts of Trump. Trump was responsible for getting the vaccine in record time, starting to put it out in December. By the time Biden came in, in just that short period of time, the CDC said it had administered 16,525,281 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, as of the morning of Jan. 20, and distributed 35,990,150 doses. And of course there was a plan or it never would have happened. He inherited the plan.  He also inherited a system that averaged administering shots at just below 1 million per day at that point and had already reached more than one million doses per day on very few occasions under the Trump administration.

He should have been thankful for the incredible achievement Trump gave him. Instead, he tries to blame Trump often for his failures. We are still waiting for Biden’s plan “to shut down the virus.”

Notice how Biden also evaded the reporter’s question on Afghanistan and didn’t answer the question about divisions within the Democratic Party regarding his plans.

Can we really expect the media and other outlets to verify his lies and give him a few Pinocchios, or is that unrealistic? Doubtful.