Liberal Professor Chases Reporter With Machete

Liberal Professor Chases Reporter With Machete (VIDEO)


The disturbed college professor from Manhattan, whose angry confrontation with anti-abortion students gained widespread attention, surprisingly brandished a machete near the neck of a reporter from The Post on Tuesday. Shellyne Rodriguez, in a threatening manner, made alarming statements about intending to “chop” him up, in response to The Post’s visit to her Bronx apartment the following morning. This incident occurred just a day after her aggressive outburst towards pro-life students at Hunter College made headlines.

After veteran reporter Reuven Fenton identified himself, the frenzied adjunct art professor yelled from behind her closed door, “Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” 

Within seconds, Rodriguez forcefully emerged and disturbingly pressed the blade against the reporter’s neck.

“Get the f–k away from my door! Get the f–k away from my door!”  before hastily returning inside her apartment and forcefully slamming the door.

Afterward, the professor momentarily pursued The Post’s photographer as he made his way to his car, and upon returning, she proceeded to kick the reporter in the shins. Shortly thereafter, she eventually withdrew into her building. In response to the incident, Vince DiMiceli, a spokesperson for Hunter College, confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that Rodriguez had been terminated from her position.

The horrifying incident occurred in response to the circulation of online videos depicting Rodriguez launching a profanity-filled assault on a group of anti-abortion students who had set up an information table at Hunter College earlier this month.

The events leading up to the confrontation between Rodriguez and the pro-life students were not immediately clear before the camera started recording. A representative from Hunter College, which is a public school affiliated with the city’s CUNY program, had previously stated that the institution was aware of the recorded altercation and was treating the matter with utmost seriousness.Liberal Professor Chases Reporter With Machete