Hillary Clinton Says Biden’s Age Is A Legitimate Issue

Hillary Clinton Admits the ISSUE With Biden


Hillary Clinton expressed that it is within the rights of voters to take into account the age of the president when making their decision on whether or not to re-elect Joe Biden for a second term.

While participating in a Financial Times event held in Washington, D.C., Hillary Clinton was questioned about the incident where Joe Biden, who is 80 years old, nearly stumbled while descending the steps at the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

“Every time that happens, your heart is in your mouth, because these things could be consequential. Is that a concern?” Financial Times editor Edward Luce questioned.

Clinton highlighted that the nation has witnessed younger presidents experiencing falls in the past without causing significant concern. However, she acknowledged that Joe Biden’s age is a legitimate matter of consideration, and individuals have the complete right to take it into account.

“But you know he has this great saying, and you know I think he’s right: don’t judge him by running against the Almighty but against the alternative,” Clinton said further.

Clinton subsequently presented arguments in favor of why Joe Biden should be granted a second term in office.

“He doesn’t get the credit yet that he deserves for what is happening out in the country, in terms of jobs and growth and planning for the future, with chips and other stuff. So, I obviously hope he stays very focused and able to compete in the election, because I think he– I think he can be re-elected, and that’s what we should all hope for.”