Liberal Groups Unite to Defend ‘The Squad’

They're Actually DEFENDING the Squad!


The infamous group of left-leaning House legislators known as the “Squad” is encountering a significant challenge in the upcoming November elections. A pro-Israel organization intends to financially support opponents of these individuals in response to their criticisms of the Jewish state. Consequently, supporters of the Squad from the liberal camp are mobilizing to counter this threat.

The far-left Democratic legislators known as “the Squad” have continuously supported the Palestinian cause and demanded a ceasefire and less US assistance for the Israeli military ever since Hamas struck Israel on October 7. In return, politicians vying to take against Squad members in this year’s elections are receiving donations from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of up to $100 million. This includes providing financial support to centrist Democrats in primaries who are vying to become members of the Squad once elected.

Now, a network of liberal organizations has united to support the far-left representatives under the name Reject AIPAC. It is known that around 20 organizations have joined the alliance, which seeks to generate millions of dollars to support the campaigns of Squad members. The far-left PAC Justice Democrats, which favors legalizing narcotics, cutting off military shipments to Israel, and eliminating Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is among the leaders.

Jewish peace organizations opposed to Israel, as well as Arab-American and Muslim organizations like the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Action, are among the other members. According to Justice Democrats spokesman Usamah Andrabi, the objective is to guarantee that the Squad has the means to protect itself against AIPAC.

AIPAC remains undeterred by the challenge. According to a spokesperson, the organization asserts that advocating for Israel aligns with progressive principles and affirms its stance of not yielding to anti-Israel extremists. In the past, AIPAC utilized the United Democracy Project super PAC to support candidates who oppose anti-Israel sentiments within the liberal spectrum. Presently, it is focusing its efforts on directly confronting the most vehement critics of the Jewish state within Congress.