Biden’s Budget Proposal Includes $13 Billion Allocated For Migrants

$13 Billion BUDGET for Illegals - INSANE?!


In order to support sanctuary communities that are now inundated with undocumented immigrants, the Biden administration is requesting more than $13 billion from Congress. The money would help immigrants find houses and jobs in the United States.

The proposal is a component of the Congress’s 2025 budget request, which was made public on Monday, March 11. The budget package is expected to pass unless the Republicans get a majority in the Senate and the House in November of this year.

Since Biden assumed office, the number of immigrants entering the nation has equaled the number of American kids born over that same period of time. Both legal and illegal immigration have resulted in a large surge in housing costs, wage suppression, and the ability of more businesses to forgo high-tech employment in favor of lower-paying government-funded positions. 

Biden argues that since migrants are the driving force behind our expanding economy, a more controlled migration from the southern border is advantageous to the nation as a whole. However, the employment of more than five million American residents who did not enter the nation illegally has been eliminated.

In addition, 1,300 additional Border Patrol agents, 1,600 additional asylum officers, 1,000 more Customs and Border Protection officers, and 375 additional immigration judge teams—all aimed at reducing the backlog of immigration cases—would also receive financing under the Biden administration’s proposed budget plan.

Biden stated in 2019 that the US could quickly accept an extra two million migrants. Since Biden assumed office in January 2021, at least three million migrants have been apprehended at the southern border crossing; there are no indications that this flood of migrants into the US will slow down. Americans now have a 30% approval rating for Biden’s handling of the border situation as a result. Biden adopted far-left border control measures during the previous election cycle, but he has now returned to more centrist views in response to the significant opposition.