Left Wing Protesters Flood Courtroom With Cockroaches


On Tuesday morning, hundreds of cockroaches were unleashed inside a city courthouse in Albany, New York’s capital.

The event occurred in the courthouse when four people were being arraigned. When one of the defendants began to record the proceedings, an argument occurred when they refused to stop.

The four were detained in May during a demonstration about rent control concerns.

Cockroaches on lettuce were dislodged from plastic containers during the confrontation.

The courthouse was closed on Tuesday to fumigate the damaged area, according to court authorities.

According to the Unified Court System’s director of public information, an investigation into the event is underway, and more charges may be filed against those responsible.

“What transpired is not advocacy or activism, it is criminal behavior with the intent to disrupt a proceeding and cause damage. Prosecution and restitution for the costs of the clean up as taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for these actions,” stated spokesperson Lucian Chalfen.

Clyanna Lightbourn, a 34-year-old activist, was charged with tampering with physical evidence, resisting arrest, criminal contempt, and disorderly behavior, although she was not identified as the person who unleashed the bugs.

The event was also addressed by Albany District Attorney David Soares.

In the immediate aftermath, court hearings were switched to a virtual format, and an exterminator was sent in to clean the room.

While the event is still being investigated, the District Attorney’s Office would like to stress that while the right to demonstrate is guaranteed, we reject the disruption of court proceedings and the apparent contempt displayed to the court.

On Wednesday, the court was set to reconvene.