LA Protester Tackled To Ground By Secret Service


A TV camera showed a lady being thrown to the ground by a police officer while protesting President Biden in front of the 9th Summit of the Americas on Wednesday.

The protester can be seen speaking with a megaphone in the middle of the street as a motorcade passes by before being tackled in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the summit was held.

The anonymous woman was yelling for the rights of women.

Before the arrests, she was seized by a Secret Service agent.

An adult female entered a restricted highway along a motorcade route on Chick Hearn Ct in Los Angeles just after 5:00 p.m. A US Secret Service member quickly pulled the lady off the street and took her into arrest as she approached passing automobiles. The motorcade movement and the protectees were unaffected, according to the Secret Service.

It’s unclear what charges, if any, she’ll face. An inquiry is underway, according to the Secret Service.

Protests are planned during the Biden-led meeting in California on Wednesday. Other demonstrators were rallying against Biden not inviting representatives from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela when the woman was accosted, according to local sources.

“We do not believe dictators should be invited,” press secretary Karine Jean Pierre justified the choice.