Judge Slaps Down Ban, Rules It is Unconstitutional… Again

Hammer DROPPED - Judge Makes it Official (AGAIN)!


Gun control regulations in California are renowned for being stringent. For thirty years, assault weapons have been prohibited. Ironically, the state is infamous for its use of firearms. A law passed by the state’s liberal politicians was recently struck down by a judge for a second time.

The state’s ban on assault rifles was overturned on October 19 by US District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego because it was unlawful. The state, according to him, asserts that the assault weapons ban advances a crucial public interest in disarming some mass shooters, yet it has stopped law-abiding citizens from obtaining these guns for defense against attackers.

The judge ordered the state ten days to ask the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to grant a stay. Rob Bonta, the attorney general of California, wasted no time. He claimed that his office has already submitted a notice of appeal, according to NPR. 

Additionally, Bonta wants the locals to be aware that it is still unlawful to purchase, sell, or own such weapons at the moment.

The decision made by Benitez is nearly identical to the one he made in 2021. He referred to the assault weapon ban at the time as disrespectful of American freedom. He added that it was an unsuccessful experiment. He also overturned a legislation that forbade gun owners from owning detachable magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds in September.

The Second Amendment Foundation always knew California’s assault weapons ban didn’t pass constitutional muster, according to Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the organization. He cited the Supreme Court’s 2022 Bruen decision, which increased access to firearms and did away with the Second Amendment’s concept of interest-balancing.