Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter Who Asked About American Hostages During Disastrous Joint Presser with Australian Prime Minister (VIDEO)

Biden SNAPS After Reporter Interrupts Him


On Wednesday, Joe Biden convened a joint press conference alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Jodie Haydon from Australia made their way to the White House on Tuesday as part of an official state visit to the United States.

Following a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office, President Biden and Prime Minister Albanese held a joint press briefing, during which the President made use of notecards.

During the joint press conference, Joe Biden selectively chose reporters from a pre-vetted list to take questions. He responded with a touch of sarcasm when one journalist inquired about the situation of American hostages in Gaza.

Israel is reportedly considering a ground invasion of Gaza in response to recent attacks by Hamas. According to The Wall Street Journal and other news sources, Israel has temporarily delayed the ground invasion to allow the United States to supply additional Iron Dome missiles.

“Are the hostages in jeopardy if there is a ground invasion?” a reporter asked.

Biden answered angrily,  “You wanna make a speech?”

Israel has decided to postpone an anticipated Gaza invasion temporarily. This delay is to facilitate the expeditious delivery of missile defense systems by the United States to safeguard U.S. troops in the area. This information was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday and is based on insights from U.S. and Israeli authorities. U.S. officials have successfully convinced Israel to hold off on its plans until U.S. air defense systems can be deployed to the region, with deployment possibly occurring as early as later this week, as reported by the WSJ.